Most people would agree our society doesn’t do good job of supporting good mental health, which means it’s largely up to us as individuals to practice good mental hygiene.

Staying mentally healthy isn’t just good for your well-being, it’s also good for your career. When you’re mentally fit, you are more likely to work efficiently, get along with co-workers and come up with creative new solutions.

Consider the following ten mental health tips.

1) Practice Self-Respect

You treat other people with kindness and respect, so why not afford the same things to yourself? Avoid being overly self-critical and excessive ruminating on past mistakes.

2) Exercise

Mental and physical health are tightly intertwined with one another, which means staying physically fit should be an essential part of any mental health routine. Eat healthy, don’t smoke, get regular exercise and get enough sleep each night.

3) Only Associate with Good People

Those with strong social connections are typically healthier than those who do not have a good support network. Prioritize spending time with supportive family members, friends, and loved ones. Also, make a conscious effort to regularly meet new people.

4) Donate Your Time

By doing volunteer work, you make your community stronger and helping out others in need can give you big mental boost. Volunteer work is also a good way to meet new people.

5) Focus on Healthy Coping Skills

Having a glass of wine after a long stressful day may feel great but drinking alcohol shouldn’t be your go-to solution for dealing with stress. Long walks, creative pursuits and even just a bit of relaxing quiet time are all great, healthy ways to de-stress after a rough day.

6) Practice Mindfulness Relaxation Techniques

Several studies show that mindfulness techniques are an effective way to combat all kinds of mental health challenges. Mindfulness techniques revolve around relaxation, quieting the mind and healthy self-awareness.

7) Set Goals and Track Your Progress

Goal setting is not only an effective approach to getting your career on track, but it’s also been shown to support mental health. Determine what you want to achieve, write down steps to achieving your goals and get to work, tracking your progress as you go. Be realistic and don’t bit off more than you can chew.

8) Shake Up Your Routine

Although routine can be comforting and efficient, a change of pace can provide a much-needed mental boost. Alter your exercise routine, take a random Sunday drive, redecorate your home or try a new type of restaurant or cuisine.

9) If You Think You Need Support, Get It

Some people may think that having to seek mental support is a sign of weakness: It isn’t. Mental health treatment takes time but is very effective. Don’t try to be a superhero. Get assistance if you need it.

Let Us Support Your Personal and Professional Well-Being

At Career Concepts, we work with job seekers to ensure their job situation matches their personal and mental health needs. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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