How To Make Sure Your Staff Enjoys Coming Into Work Every Day


The old saying goes, “It’s called work for a reason,” but coming into work every day shouldn’t have to feel like soul-deadening drudgery. Many companies are finding ways to emotionally connect their staff members to their jobs so they enjoy coming into work. Read more below on how to make sure your employees look forward to… Read more »

How to Show your Personality in a Formal Job Interview


Job searching can feel very regimented: There are guidelines for resume and cover letter formats and once you make it to the interview stage, there’s an expectation that you’ll have the perfect answers to every interview question. Amidst all these rules, it can be easy to forget that you are an individual, with a personality… Read more »

5 of the Worst Things You Can Do in Your Job Interview [Part 2]


How to Manage the Stress of Your Job Search

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, so it’s understandable if you make a boneheaded mistake due to being nervous. What you don’t want to do is make a big mistake that has nothing to do with nerves. For instance, you can’t really chalk up being an hour late to being stressed out. Bad, unforced errors not… Read more »

What’s an Elevator Pitch and Why Should You Use One?


Career Concepts

Whether you want to make contacts at a networking event or you’re being asked to introduce yourself in a job interview, a good elevator pitch can set you up to achieve your career goals. An elevator pitch is a little speech about yourself as a professional that lasts about as long as an elevator ride,… Read more »

Why Exaggerating on Your Resume Doesn’t Pay Off


  If you are going through a long period of unemployment, you might be tempted to stretch the truth on your resume. However, that would be a mistake, as the consequences for doing such a thing far outweigh any possible benefits. If you embellish your resume and invited for an interview, it means you’ll have to guard… Read more »