Don’t Hire a Robot: Watching for Soft Skills During an Interview


An employer reading a resume during a job interview

We live in an increasingly robotic world. Everything is becoming more and more automated and technology-driven. Even in the workplace, machinery and equipment replace people in countless industries. However, machinery and technology aren’t the only “robots” in the workforce. People can be a sort of robots as well. For example, if someone is entirely hard-skill… Read more »

How to Identify Your Transferable Skills


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Transferable skills are non-specific abilities built up through experience that come into play when you’re looking to switch careers. For instance, leadership ability can easily translate from a customer service setting to an industrial setting. Suppose you’re trying to find work in another career path or industry. In that case, you could already have some… Read more »

Why Employers Now Prefer Soft Skills


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, employers were already becoming more interested in assessing their job applicants’ soft skills, and the events of the past year have only served to accelerate this trend. Hard skills are based on knowledge and experience with a specific, measurable capability. Soft skills pertain to thinking abstractly and working with other people…. Read more »

What are Soft Skills and Why Does Every Professional Need Them?


  During the typical hiring process, the emphasis is usually place on what specific skills and technical abilities a candidate can bring to the company. But here’s the truth –many hiring managers admit they often prioritize “soft skills”, like problem solving or team-working abilities, over “hard skills” like quality assurance testing or data entry. In… Read more »