The Resume Template to Help You Land That Manufacturing Job


Structured and impersonal, resumes are a necessary evil of job hunting.  Trying to recall everything you’ve done in your past jobs, tailoring it to each job you apply to and making it stand out from other candidates you’re competing against is stressful.  Fortunately, the structure that makes a resume so boring also makes writing one a straightforward process. Below… Read more »

How Becoming a Better Listener Can Improve Your Career


Career Concepts

We all like to think we are good listeners, but we’re not. Think about it: When was the last time you zoned out on someone talking about their workday? It was probably recently. Being a good listener is a social skill that is very useful in a professional setting. Paying attention to what your boss… Read more »

How Do I Explain My Successes in a Resume If I Don’t Really Have Any?


How Do I Explain My Successes in a Resume If I Don't Really Have Any?

When a hiring manager looks at your resume, they want to see your major achievements and successes to determine if you will benefit their organization. For experienced professionals, listing major achievements on a resume isn’t a problem. However, some people struggle to come up with major career wins, because they are fresh out of school,… Read more »