The Soft Skills Side of Clerical Success— the I’s Have It


Two office employees looking at a laptop

Success in the clerical field requires both hard and soft skills. Hard skills refer to abilities such as keyboard speed, succinct writing, filing, graphic design, and much more. According to Will Kenton (Investopedia), “Hard skills are measurable and usually obtained through formal education and training programs.”   Soft skills have more to do with character traits,… Read more »

Staying Safe on Your Industrial Job – It’s Your Responsibility Too


Two employees and a forklift in a warehouse

When it comes to workplace accidents, it’s easy to think, “It won’t happen to me.” And while that may be true, even if an accident happens to someone else, it could very well affect you and your whole team. Increased insurance premiums, equipment repair, and decreased production are some costs that can trickle down to… Read more »