How to Research a Company Before Your Job Interview


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It’s common knowledge that you should research a company before a job interview, but how to go about said research isn’t exactly common sense. For massive international companies, the amount of information out there can be overwhelming. For small local companies, the problem is often the opposite. Very rarely will you find that a potential… Read more »

Three Ways to Improve Your Job Interview Skills


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Regardless of whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, you can always stand to improve your skills ahead of a big job interview. Job interviews are unnatural situations. They don’t occur with much regularity and there really isn’t a similar situation in everyday life. Therefore, it is important to make a conscious effort… Read more »

Interview Tips: Your Interviewer Will Ask You These Questions. Be Prepared


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Many interviewers ask many of the same questions. Why? Because they work. While you may not hear the questions listed below verbatim, you will most likely hear them in one form or another. How Did You Hear About This Job? An interviewer uses this apparently simple interview question to gauge the effectiveness of their recruitment… Read more »