Four Questions Most likely to Be Asked in Your Next Job Interview


Although hiring managers are tying to get away from asking standard interview questions, questions become standard for a reason – they provide useful information for making a hiring decision. Therefore, reviewing common interview questions is still very much worth your time. The objective of expecting certain interview questions isn’t to memorize answers, but instead to… Read more »

5 of the Worst Things You Can Say in Your Job Interview [Part 1]


Career Concepts

Most people stress out about interviews and its common for nerves to get the best of us. If you consider that the whole point of an interview is to show you are the best person for the position, you need to concentrate on that objective, and you can get over your stress. Stress-related mistakes aside,… Read more »

How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You?” in a Job Interview


“Why should we hire you?” It’s a popular question with hiring managers because the answer can be so revealing. Simply put, this question is at the center of any interview. This question also puts an interviewee on the spot, hopefully revealing how they operate under direct pressure. A good answer to this question should make… Read more »