Interview Tips: Impress Your Interviewer with These Questions



When your interviewer asks you if you have any questions for them, a few that you came up with on the spot likely won’t uncover much useful information or make a lasting positive impression. Seemingly benign, the customary conclusion of a job interview still catches some people off guard. Smart and prepared interviewees know well-thought-out… Read more »

Interview Tips: Your Interviewer Will Ask You These Questions. Be Prepared


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Many interviewers ask many of the same questions. Why? Because they work. While you may not hear the questions listed below verbatim, you will most likely hear them in one form or another. How Did You Hear About This Job? An interviewer uses this apparently simple interview question to gauge the effectiveness of their recruitment… Read more »

4 Curveball Questions You Should Ask Interviewees


Curveball Interview Questions

Strange, curveball interview questions appear to be quite divisive among hiring personnel. Critics say they don’t produce any useful information. Supporters say they can provide insight that standard interview questions cannot. Furthermore, applicants often prepare stock answers for the typical interview questions, turning the interview into more of a recital than anything else. While curveball… Read more »