How to Get the Best Candidates by Rewriting Your Job Descriptions


A poorly worded job description can get you all kinds of weird and wacky applications, all from people who are completely unqualified for the position. Conversely, a well-worded job description is more likely to attract many high-quality applications.  One of the biggest keys to a smooth and efficient hiring process is setting clear expectations from the beginning. Using the right words… Read more »

Ways to Boost Your Confidence In the Workplace


Newer employees tend to have confidence issues, but a lack of confidence can hit anyone after a major job setback. If you’ve been turned down for a raise, or gotten significant criticism when you thought you were doing a great job, it can seriously shake your confidence. One of the worst things you can do… Read more »

How to Keep Going When Your Career is Stuck in a Rut


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The thing about a career rut is: It can sneak up on you, but you know it when you’re in one. While most of us anticipate a bit of turmoil in our career, setbacks can quickly stack up, causing you to lose momentum. It’s crucial to shake off any bad feelings when you start to… Read more »

What’s the Actual Value of Maintaining a Safe Workplace?


The Value of a Safe Workplace

Is investing $10,000 now to save $100,000 in the future a good idea? What about investing that same amount of money to save the life of an employee? Clearly, investing in safety is an investment worth making. That being said, good companies have to justify all the investments they make, and a company could easily… Read more »

4 Morning Rituals to Help You Tackle Any Obstacle in Your Workday


  On cold February mornings, it can be hard to roll out of bed, check your smartphone, get something to eat, and possibly hit the gym before going to work. However, an effective morning routine has been shown to, more often than not, lead to an effective day. Some morning habits, like avoiding the snooze… Read more »