How to Be a Better Manager in 2019


Regardless of how good you might be at your job, there’s always room for improvement, and the New Year is a great time to become a better manager. When you take steps to become a more valuable manager, it also has a positive and lasting impact for your staff members. Therefore, think about adopting one… Read more »

The Right Way to Use Social Media in Your Job Search


Career Concepts

Social media is a big part of many of our private lives, but it can also be a strong job search instrument, regardless of where you might be in your career. According to a major survey, 37 percent of hiring personnel discovered new hires through social media in 2016. Clearly, you’re missing out on job… Read more »

Improve Your Managerial Skills in 2017!


  Around the New Year, many of us resolve to get better at our jobs. For managers, improvement doesn’t necessarily have to mean taking a class or consulting an expert. Improvement can come quickly and easily by adopting good habits. For instance, a manager could simply put more thought into how they interact with employees. By… Read more »

How to Reduce Holiday Stress at Work and at Home


  It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also get stressful from time to time. Between the shopping, party hosting and short staffing at work, the holiday season can get stressful in a hurry as we look after others and their responsibilities. It is important you look after… Read more »

How to Fire an Employee The Right Way


Fire an Employee the Right Way

  Firing an employee is never easy. Since there are usually a lot of emotions involved, things are often done or said in a less-than-ideal way or they’re just done wrong. There are several reasons you should be trying to fire people the ‘right way.’ First, make sure you aren’t making a mistake. You don’t… Read more »

Top Phone Interview Mistakes to Avoid


  Phone interviews may seem to be a trap to job seekers. Your interviewer(s) can’t see you, so why not take a relaxed approach? Well, recruiters consider phone interviews to be very big part of their screening process and being lazy can get you removed from the pool of potential employees. Like an in-person interview,… Read more »