5 Different Types of Interviews and How to Ace Each One


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Job interviews have gotten sophisticated in recent years, which means people looking for work must be prepared for this higher level of sophistication. Long gone are the days of having to memorize responses to interview questions like “What is your greatest weakness?” Now, job seekers must be able to talk in major detail about their… Read more »

How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You?” in a Job Interview


“Why should we hire you?” It’s a popular question with hiring managers because the answer can be so revealing. Simply put, this question is at the center of any interview. This question also puts an interviewee on the spot, hopefully revealing how they operate under direct pressure. A good answer to this question should make… Read more »

Follow These Tips to Be a Better Communicator


Be a Better Communicator

In today’s work environment, everyone must be a good communicator. Being an effective communicator is crucial to relationship building, performance and efficiency. Unfortunately, bad communication is a major problem at many companies. A recent University of Phoenix survey showed just 27 percent of workers believed their internal communication was “very effective.” Respondents also said bad… Read more »

What to Do When Your New Job Is a Disappointment


  Beginning a new job can be thrilling, nerve-racking and in many cases, a bit frightening. Unfortunately, it can also be discouraging. From being asked to work too many hours, to a lack of proper training, to working a job that doesn’t appear to be anything like the one you signed up for, there are… Read more »

How to Prove You’re a Hard Worker in Your Job Interview


Two people shaking hands after a job interview

For anyone in management, hard work from an employee is a great equalizer.  The best workers don’t have every bit of relevant experience or an impeccable arsenal of impressive skills. The best employees work hard and really hustle to get the job done right. Because this attribute is so valuable, it’s important to show an… Read more »