Preparing for an Interview — 3 Top Things You Need to Know


Two men interviewing a woman

No matter how advanced your career, interviews can be intimidating. After all, it’s the first (maybe the only) chance you have to prove to the recruiter why they need to hire you and not the candidate from an hour ago. Every recruiter is looking for different things. Not to mention, every industry and company has… Read more »

How to Organize a Warehouse


A worker operating a stand up forklift in a warehouse

When it comes to the efficiency of your warehouse, organization is the name of the game. Poor organization makes finding inventory more difficult and time-taking. It poses safety risks and creates challenging navigation. Ultimately, poor organization hampers productivity, stopping you from reaching your full potential as a light industrial manufacturer. Create a culture that centers… Read more »

5 Practical Tips to Build Diversity & Inclusion In Your Company


Office workers smiling while holding up their fists

Can you picture a setting where all of your employees feel accepted, valued, and heard — despite their religious, political, or lifestyle preferences?  What if your employees knew they could count on each other to have their backs? What if everyone knew they were respected and would not be marginalized for being different from the person… Read more »

Don’t Hire a Robot: Watching for Soft Skills During an Interview


An employer reading a resume during a job interview

We live in an increasingly robotic world. Everything is becoming more and more automated and technology-driven. Even in the workplace, machinery and equipment replace people in countless industries. However, machinery and technology aren’t the only “robots” in the workforce. People can be a sort of robots as well. For example, if someone is entirely hard-skill… Read more »

Four Steps to A Clean Warehouse


Two warehouse employees working in a warehouse

Benefits of a Clean Warehouse  Certainly, cleanliness and organization are good things to maintain all year long. Proper sanitization prevents the build-up of bacteria, mold, and mildew. It protects your inventory (dirty environments jeopardize consumable, raw, and perishable goods) and your employees from getting sick. In addition, a clean and orderly workplace promotes: Safety Increased… Read more »

7 Tips for Hiring Peak Season Employees in Light Industrial 


Three employees smiling in a warehouse

For many, summer is a peak season, and managing the influx in production can lead to exhaustion and burnout for you and your employees. One way around burnout is by hiring temporary support staff. And since summer is coming much more quickly than anyone wants to admit, now is the time to start the hiring… Read more »

Employee Engagement: What It Is and How to Do It 


Office employees having a meeting at a table

Have you ever heard of employee engagement? It’s a hot buzzword in business these days and has tremendous weight in the ultimate success of your business. So, what exactly is “employee engagement?”  (Hint: It’s not when Carl and Elizabeth fall in love at the water cooler, end up engaged, and live happily ever after).  At… Read more »

Administrative Assistant Career Guide (2022)


A woman in her office smiling

Administrative assistants are key members of teams across a wide range of industries, in companies ranging from small businesses to worldwide conglomerates. In fact, they’re useful in almost every industry, from healthcare to industrial work to technology and everything in between. This is good news for current and prospective administrative assistants because it means there… Read more »

Temp vs. Temp-to-Hire –What’s the Difference? 


A candidate in a job interview with two managers

Have you ever gotten that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when it’s time to start the hiring process again? Perhaps your receptionist is taking a leave, and you need a fill-in? Perhaps, your assistant manager just moved to a new company and left very big shoes to fill? Or maybe you have… Read more »

Hire Right — Formulating a Recruitment Strategy for the Win in 2022!


A person holding a magnifying glass over blocks

The last two years have been incredibly challenging. COVID-19, political unrest, and intense social justice issues have wreaked havoc and caused a ripple effect in almost every business and industry. No one knows the depth of change fully yet to come from the continued fallout. Regardless, hiring right remains a constant essential. Choosing the best… Read more »