Are Your 2022 Business Goals Aligned with Coming Light Industrial Trends?


Changes on the horizon are creating an interesting conundrum for the industry. Increased demand for products means your company will be busy. But, on the other hand, higher costs from tax increases, system upgrades, and decreased productivity caused by labor shortages and supply chain delays will challenge your bottom line. So how can you align… Read more »

Diversity and Inclusion: How to Promote in the Workplace


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While quite a few businesses have been focusing on greater diversity and inclusion in their workplaces over the past year, there is still substantial room for improvement. Research shows when companies build diverse teams, it supports higher productivity and employee engagement. Diversity has also been shown to boost creativity and problem-solving capabilities, given a business… Read more »

3 Warning Signs that Morale is Low Among Your Employees



The morale within your workforce is high when employees generally feel positive about the work they do, and when this is the case: It results in high productivity, greater employee retention, and more robust performances. Unfortunately, high employee morale isn’t a given and requires a lot of work. Managers need to make employees feel appreciated… Read more »

Target Top Talent by Making These 4 Tweaks to Your Job Descriptions


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If your organization is finding it difficult to locate and retain best-fit talent, you can do your company a massive favor by making smart tweaks to the descriptions in your future job postings. Unfortunately, quite a few companies have a tendency to mess up their hiring approach by using job descriptions that attract poor-fit candidates…. Read more »

5 Reasons Why Communication Matters to Your Workforce’s Safety



The best-laid plans are more likely to go astray because of poor communication, and workforce safety is no exception. Insufficient communication may also wind up causing a dangerous workplace environment, marked by a higher rate of accidents and illnesses. Poor communication can also impede the development of a strong culture around safety and health. Safety… Read more »

Ways You Can Incorporate Social Media into Your Hiring Process


Business profiles on social media are extremely valuable when it comes to recruiting and hiring the best candidates in the labor market. Most businesses use social media to attract talent, but not every business does it effectively. Every business should create its own distinct social media hiring strategy. The things that work for one business… Read more »

How Work Flexibility Creates Higher Employee Satisfaction


Companies hire human beings, not robots, and with respect to keeping human workers engaged, plenty of employers are now taking a look more flexibility in the ways employees do their jobs. Job satisfaction is a big factor with respect to employee retention. It ought to be a number one priority for recruiting top talent. Shifting… Read more »

How to Pick the Perfect Candidate for Your Business


Hiring is among the most demanding, high-stakes processes that any company has to deal with, and because a bad hire could put a substantial ding in your revenue, it’s important to make the best choice possible. With this in mind, consider the following insider tips on how to select the best applicants for your open… Read more »

How to Build Employee Relations While Working from Home


The COVID-19 pandemic has been completely changing the ways in which employees work, collaborate, and communicate. Remote work had mostly been a way for businesses to offer more flexibility to their staff members. But now, it’s the only way some companies can stay in business. These days are especially chaotic and difficult. To help you… Read more »

5 Benefits of Offering Flexible Staffing


Before COVID-19, employers had all kinds of reasons not to use flexible staffing arrangements, but now that the corporate world has largely shifted online – those reasons are falling but the wayside.   If the powers that be at your company are still hesitant to offer staffing and schedule flexibility to employees, including remote working, please… Read more »