“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  — Gandhi

Some of the most meaningful and lasting changes come from deep within an organization. The people at the base experience the daily grind and see firsthand what’s working and what isn’t. As a result, they carry a unique insight allowing them to be genuine agents of change in their workplace.

But leading out on change can be challenging if you feel like another cog in the wheel. Maybe you see a problem but need help figuring out where to start. However, you can be a leader and an agent of change within your workplace, no matter your role or title.

That’s because authentic leadership is about enabling others to succeed and excel. Sometimes that means introducing and advocating for change.

Perhaps it’s a change in workflow and procedure or culture. It can be a small change that affects only a tiny radius or one that creates sweeping, company-wide results.

Either way, you can make changes in your workplace. Here are the steps you need to take.

See the Problem — Ask the “Why”

If you want to see change, you must know the what and the why.

What’s the problem? Why does it need to be changed? Be willing to ask hard questions and listen to the answers. Shared experience and mutual acknowledgment of the situation provide strong backing when communicating the vision for the change. In addition, understanding the root of the problem helps create solutions.

Support From the Top

If you want to advocate for change in your workplace, you will need support from the powers that be. While leadership is not restricted to position, authority to implement change is usually. So, you want at least one or two people at the top who share your vision and have the power to execute quantifiable change.

 Come to them prepared with the following:

  • Your “why” — let them know what you see as the problem and why it’s an issue.
  • Bring measurable data or situational examples.
  • Shared perspectives from other coworkers.
  • Always bring potential solutions.

Don’t pretend you have all the answers; be willing to ride the waves of risk and reward through the potential change.

Become an Influencer

To advocate for change, you must master the skill of becoming an influencer. Influence is foundational to being a change agent.

Influencers are trusted and are often persuasive and dynamic personalities. But first and foremost, they lead others by example. They set the tone and the standard of behavior; those around them tend to follow their suit. They have a rapport with others, even those who think differently. The role of an influencer is a powerful one.

Establish influence with your coworkers by building connections, listening well, and remaining consistent in your work and relationships. Honesty and integrity are essential. Remember, your reputation precedes you wherever you go.

Heads and Hearts

It’s been said that everyone likes progress, but no one likes change. Yet, change is inevitable despite its challenges. So, share more than just the statistics and rationale. Share the big picture and the heart behind the change, too. When people understand the greater purpose, they are more likely to jump on board and hang in there when the going gets tough.

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