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“To ask or not to ask – that is the question.”    — Shakespeare (sort of)

 Job interviews are not one-way interrogations. After all, you’re not on trial here. Ideally, you will learn as much about your potential employer as they will about you. This means you need a few questions of your own. Some questions will pop up very naturally during the interview. However, there’s usually a point where the interviewer leans back, tilts his head, and says, “So, do you have any questions for me?”

While it’s wise to have 3 to 5 questions in your back pocket — the quality is more important than the quantity. So don’t get tangled up in how many questions to prepare. Instead, focus on their intentionality and purpose. Ultimately, any questions you ask during your interview must meet one of two (or both) goals.

  1. Determining if the job is the best fit for you
  2. Demonstrating your interest and engagement in the position

Things to Avoid

Keep in mind their time is valuable. So please don’t waste it, or yours, by asking questions you can easily research later on –or you should have researched already! Also, avoid asking questions already covered during the interview, questions regarding starting salary, or closed-ended questions.

Remember your goals — learning if they’re a good fit for you and showing them you are engaged!

Tips for You – Center Your Focus Here! 

The Position

Asking for specifics about the role helps you know you will enjoy and excel in the job.

  • “Can you describe a typical day in this role?”
  • “What challenges are typically associated with this role?”
  • “If hired, what would be my three top priorities accomplish?”
  • “Can you tell me anything about the job outside the description?”

The Team

The people you work with are a crucial factor in career success. Therefore, getting a good feel for the dynamics of the team you could be joining is critical.

  • “What can you tell me about the team?”
  • “Who would I be working the most closely with?”
  • “What other roles make up the team?”
  • “Are there other departments or outside parties that I would partner with?”
  • “What skills in the team are lacking that you need to fill?”

The Company

Before joining a new company, you want a clear understanding of where they’re going, how they’re growing, and what your part would be in that growth.

  • “Where do you see the company going in the next five years?”
  • “How has the company changed in the last five years?”
  • “What opportunities for growth and development does the company provide its employees?”
  • “What issues and challenges have the company faced recently?”
  • “How has the company pivoted over the last several years as the industry shifted because of COVID?”

The Culture

Culture is rooted in many different things and is arguably the most vital ingredient in employee retention!

  • “What are three words that describe the culture of the company?”
  • “What kind of job training and education does the company provide its employees?”
  • “What kind of communication is present between leadership and employees?”
  • “What is the process for giving employee feedback?”
  • “What types of community outreach is the company involved in?”

Previous research, awareness of your abilities, and what you learned during the interview can help you tailor your questions to the moment!

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