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Nearly 40 million people left their jobs in 2021, and according to the U.S.  Bureau of Labor, that statistic remains on trend in 2022. In February alone, 4.4 million workers, a whole 2.9% of the workforce, voluntarily quit their jobs. More than 22,000 of those workers were in durable goods manufacturing.

Why Are They Leaving?

Research shows this is happening all across the board. High-level executives are also leaving their desks. The implications of this are substantial — causing many employers to “shake in their boots.”

So, why are they leaving? What has initiated this mass exodus of people towards something seemingly bigger, better, and brighter on the horizon?

Thanks to COVID, people’s priorities and values have shifted, causing many to reevaluate their roles and purpose in life. Unfortunately, this “epiphany” has led to many resignations, as people desire different things from their workplace.

In addition, workers are:

  • Experiencing burnout
  • Feeling “stuck”
  • Feeling a lack of consideration toward their mental/physical health
  • Wanting better pay and benefits

What Can You Do?

Perhaps, this is a moment for employers to have their own “epiphany.” Consider it an opportunity to pivot and make some changes for the better. Look at this as a chance to build an environment that attracts and retains a stronger and more loyal workforce! Here are some things to focus on –

  • Remain Flexible

Family life has changed. People have continued to homeschool their children or are now caring for aging parents. As a result, many have learned to appreciate the benefits and flexibility of working from home to seek a better work-life balance. Providing workers, especially working moms, the ability to be flexible adds immense appeal to your company.

  • Prioritize Employee Health

Protect your team from burnout by prioritizing mental and physical health. Encourage them to take time for their well-being and offer incentives and training for physical fitness. Have solid policies in place for sick and mental-health days. Create a culture where a mental-health consciousness is prevalent.

  • Provide Community

Even in our technology-focused world, relationships remain one of the most significant retention factors in the workplace. So how are you building a culture of community? Do your employees enjoy working together? Do you enjoy working with them? People like to be friends with their co-workers and will be more likely to stay in a relational culture.

  • Intentional Perks and Benefits

Cover the basics – health insurance benefits play a tremendous role in employee retention — especially in a post-covid world. Craft your additional perks to match your core values and vision. Ensure they are both practical and something your team will enjoy and see as a plus.

  • Open Communication

Open communication and trust, and transparency have always been common denominators in employee retention. Consider running regular 1-1’s between managers and employees. It keeps the communication channels open and allows team members to voice concerns regarding their place in the company. In addition, thorough and relevant training is always an essential communication element. Employees need to understand their role and know how to do it. There’s not much more frustrating than being left in the dark!

  • Hire Right

It’s the first step in retaining the right employees — regardless of workforce trends. Ensure you’re bringing on the best by partnering with us at Career Concepts. We have over 50 years of experience in matching talent to opportunity. Call us today!

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