The last two years have been incredibly challenging. COVID-19, political unrest, and intense social justice issues have wreaked havoc and caused a ripple effect in almost every business and industry. No one knows the depth of change fully yet to come from the continued fallout. Regardless, hiring right remains a constant essential. Choosing the best candidates sets you up for success as a business, no matter what’s coming down the pike.

Hiring in 2022, however, looks a little different than it has in the past. For one thing, there’s an extensive number of jobs on the market but not nearly enough applicants, creating a labor shortage. This labor shortage not only has given candidates more power in the recruitment process, but talent demands are also changing. Diversity and inclusion, flexibility and remote work, brand authenticity, and sustainability are top priorities for job seekers.

All this means your recruitment strategy must be high-performing and top-notch. Each recruitment step is critical from the beginning stages of sourcing candidates to hiring and onboarding. It’s essential to:

Establish Clear Goals 

Begin with a thorough evaluation of your current status.

  • Are your job descriptions accurate and drawing attention?
  • How many applicants typically respond to job posts?
  • How fast is the process from posting to onboarding the new hire?
  • Were recent hires satisfied with their candidate experience?
  • Do new hires adapt quickly to their new position?
  • Is your training sufficient?

Answering these questions and more will help you establish a baseline, recognize strong and weak areas, and set appropriate goals.

Broaden Your Search 

Job seekers are on the hunt everywhere. Increasing your visibility is critical.

  • Utilize your social media platforms to attract candidates. Ensure they are engaging, share critical information, and are mobile-friendly. LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, and Instagram are all effective options.
  • Partner with a reputable staffing agency. Their entire focus is on matching talent with companies. They have an inside track to talent pools.

Strengthen Your Brand

The market is hot right now. With the intense competition, being on your A-game when presenting your company to the candidate is vital. The appeal of your company and its culture can make or break the likelihood of engaging quality candidates. Your branding, online and in person, has a significant effect on your appeal. Refine your brand, ensuring your company represents its core values and attracts and engages your ideal talent.

Evaluate Job Descriptions

Your job descriptions must be crystal clear and compelling. A quality candidate takes a close look at the job description before applying. Include a concise, straightforward description, including

  • A definitive title
  • The overall objective of the position
  • Required skillsets
  • Daily responsibilities
  • How the job fits into the long-term mission of the company


Keep the application process clean, simple, and mobile-friendly. Find ways to streamline the interview process as well. Providing an efficient and intentional process and a pleasant candidate experience will make you stand out.

Focus on Retention 

It might seem counterintuitive to talk about retention when strategizing for recruitment, but one of the best ways to get ahead of the hiring game is by focusing on the talent you already have. Show your current employees you value them and their work by offering incentives, additional education, and flexibility. Employees who feel valued are more likely to stay.

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