If continuous, oppressive stress at work has you feeling powerless and drained, you might be on the way to complete burnout.

The word “burnout” describes psychological and physical exhaustion brought on by extreme and extended periods of stress. The result is a regular sense of being overwhelmed and feeling not being able to meet various demands. If the situation progresses, the person mentally shuts down and loses interest in everything related to their job.

Some people try to compartmentalize burnout, but its effects can spill over into other aspects of your life, including your personal relationships and social life. Research has also shown burnout can negatively impact your health, making you more susceptible to illnesses and injury. Therefore, it’s essential to take care of burnout straight away.

Lean on Your Personal Support Network

There are things you can do to cope with overwhelming work stress, and among the list of most useful is to get in touch with folks in your support network.

Social interaction is a proven antidote to stress and being able to vent your problems to a good listener is fast approaches to calm your nerves and relieve immediate stress. The person shouldn’t expect to help you fix your problems. They just have to listen attentively and offer a sympathetic perspective.

Occasionally unloading your frustrations to others won’t make you seem annoying. Actually, most people are flattered when someone confides in them, and commiserating can often strengthen a friendship. That being said, it helps you have your conversations end on upbeat and positive notes.

Better Manage Your Work Relationships

Forging friendships with your colleagues will help shield you from burnout at work. This will require some effort. Make it a point to get to better know those around you, go out to lunch with people, and even schedule social events for after work hours.

Conversely, spending time with negative co-workers only pulls down your own mood. If you must work with an overly negative person, limit the time you spend with them.

Review Your Priorities

Burnout is an irrefutable indication that something in your life isn’t right. Make time to consider your values, goals, and dreams. Try to rediscover what makes you happy and give yourself time for deep reflection.

Then, recalibrate professional boundaries based on your conclusions. Invent more time on your professional and personal passions. Focus on saying “no” to demands placed on you by others. If this is difficult, keep in mind that saying “no” means you are more able to say “yes” to what is more important to you.

Take Care of Your Body

Dealing with the mental and physical stress of work is much harder if you aren’t getting enough sleep, eating poorly, and drinking too much alcohol. One of the most effective approaches to battling burnout is to simply take care of yourself. Get enough sleep even at night. Eat healthily. Avoid too much alcohol.

We Can Help You Escape Burnout

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