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Many interviewers ask many of the same questions. Why? Because they work.

While you may not hear the questions listed below verbatim, you will most likely hear them in one form or another.

How Did You Hear About This Job?

An interviewer uses this apparently simple interview question to gauge the effectiveness of their recruitment efforts. For you, it is an excellent chance to make a meaningful connection to the organization. For instance, if you learned about the opening through a professional contact, name-check that person. If you discovered the job through a job posting, note it.

Regardless of how you heard about the job, share what caught your interest about the company and the job.

What Made You Want to Apply?

Employers want applicants who are enthusiastic about working for them, and if you can’t convey your enthusiasm, maybe you’re applying for the wrong job. Develop an answer by identifying aspects of the job that make it a good fit for you. Then, be able to talk about why you appreciate the company.

Can You Talk About a Time You Faced Conflict at Work?

You’re most likely not excited to discuss interpersonal issues you’ve experienced at work when you’re at a job interview, and this is part of the reason interviewers often ask this question. If you’re asked about how you deal with conflict, don’t pretend like you’ve never experienced it. Be truthful about a challenging situation you’ve faced without veering into complaining or venting about someone else.

Interviewers want to hear you’re willing to face conflict and know how to resolve it effectively. When answering this question, focus more on the resolution than the conflict itself. Don’t be afraid to mention anything you would have done differently, as it shows you’re willing to learn.

Why Are You Looking to Leave Your Current Job?

When asked about leaving a current employer, you need to remain positive with your answer. Frame your situation in a way that shows you’re growing and looking to tackle new opportunities.

Why Is There a Gap in Your Work History?

Sometimes, people are out of the workforce for deeply personal reasons. Sometimes, it’s because they got fired and had a hard time finding a new job.

Regardless of the reasons, you must be ready to discuss any gap or gaps in your work history. While you don’t have to be brutally honest, and you definitely don’t want to overshare, it is important to explain each situation genuinely.

Ideally, you should then be able to talk about skills or experiences you picked up during your time away. Whether you were raising a child, going back to school, or working part-time to pay the bills, you should have picked up something you learned along the way that you could share with an interviewer.

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