Although COVID-19 compelled companies, stores, restaurants, and theaters to shut down, the pandemic has also led to the creation of a few new jobs, as well as an expansion of other roles.

Many of the new jobs created over the past year have been focused on ways to contain the disease and support normal consumer activities during a pandemic. With new deadly diseases expected to regularly pop up in the future, the need for these new jobs and expanded roles will likely continue.

Below are a few positions that were either created by the COVID-19 pandemic or were greatly expanded by it. Keep these positions in mind as you consider your own career goals and ambitions.

1. Contact Tracers

You likely never heard the term “contact tracer” before COVID-19, but three to four months after the pandemic hit, you couldn’t turn on the TV without hearing the term. Contact tracers are like pandemic detectives who investigate outbreaks and contact individuals who may have contracted how disease as a result of being in close proximity to two unknown carriers of the virus.

The work of a contact racer can mostly be done from home. It can be a part-time or a full-time position, and some contact tracer jobs pay as much as $25 an hour.

2. By-law Enforcement

Some municipalities began hiring people to help with the enforcement of COVID-19 related policies. Some of these jobs are reported to pay as much as $30 an hour.

3. Shield and Screen Makers

In many states, restaurants and businesses had to put up protective barriers meant to keep patrons from spreading disease to one another. During this time, there was a massive demand for quickly building dependable shields and screens. Should concerns around COVID-19 continue or a new pandemic threat arise, people with the ability to make these dividers will be in high demand.

4. Face Mask Makers

During the pandemic, it became socially acceptable to wear a face mask, and some experts believe that face masks could become seasonal wear, especially if COVID-19 becomes a seasonal threat. While many people could make face masks as a side hustle, a small industry did pop up to make official and branded face masks. This industry will likely carry on for years to come.

5. At-Home Tech Support

At-home support technicians were around before COVID-19, but their demand greatly increased when we were all forced to work and socialize from our own homes. Suddenly people, who avoided technology their whole lives had to learn how to set up a Zoom call or install a webcam.

Given that a significant portion of older, tech-averse Americans will continue to adopt and use home technology, the demand for at-home tech support will only increase.

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