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Doing a good job should be about creating a strong standing in your company and making many positive connections.

That doesn’t mean playing office politics and schmoozing your way to a cushier job. It means doing more than what is expected of you and making an effort to be upbeat and friendly every day. Standing out at work in a positive way isn’t just good for your career. It can also make you feel more satisfied and fulfilled.

Below are four tips on how you can stand out in your industrial role.

1. Be a Little Bit Extra

Regardless of your job, doing more than your typical job duties will allow you to develop your reputation amongst your peers. For example, if one of your co-workers needs help, don’t just refer them to someone else and walk away. Do whatever you can to get them the resources or answers they need.

When you’re willing to go above and beyond for your colleagues, management will start to hear compliments about your willingness to help others, which is a good thing and a big deal

2. Be a Part of the Culture

A lot of people go into work each day, punch in, do a decent job, punch out and go home. They don’t bother getting involved with any committees, initiatives, workplace contests, or social events.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with keeping to yourself at work, but if you truly want to stand out from the pack, you should make an effort to truly participate in the company culture and overall organization. When you take an active role in making your company a more fun and engaging place to work, it will both get you noticed and make your job a lot more fun.

3. Take a Team-First Approach

If you’re trying to stand out as an individual, it might seem counterintuitive to put your focus on teamwork. However, teamwork makes the dream work, as they say, and when you help your team succeed, you put yourself in a position to reap the accolades.

Be sure to share any insights and knowledge you might pick up, rather than keeping it to yourself. Try to have an open mind when it comes to other people’s ideas.

4. Look for Leadership Opportunities

In group situations large and small, somebody always needs to act as a leader. If you are not the explicit leader in a situation, try to lead by example and make contributions at a top-level.

Get in the habit of putting out thoughtful ideas and recommendations. Question methods that do not make a lot of sense in a respectful way.

As with other situations, silence is not the best way to get noticed. In fact, being a follower will get you overlooked. Show up every day and try to be the kind of leader you know you can be.

We Can Help You Get Noticed

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