One of the lesser-mentioned effects of COVID-19 on the workplace has been the big shift to online training. For those who learn best in a classroom environment, the switch likely hasn’t been a good one.

As with most things, it helps to go into an online training situation with a bit of preparation, with the degree of preparation being relative to the amount of training. Consider the following suggestions on how to best prepare for online training.

Have a Dedicated Space

If you’ve been working from home for a while, you should already have a dedicated space. If you don’t, you should definitely set aside space for your online training.

Your dedicated space should include a pad and pencil to take notes. If you drink coffee or water, have it on hand before your training starts. Also, have a few snacks nearby to keep your energy up.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum

Given our modern “always connected” frame of mind, it’s so easy to get sidetracked from your training. Switching your phone off or into airplane mode can eliminate digital distractions. Even though it might be tempting to do a quick check of your notifications, doing so can end up making you miss out on important material.

Keep in Touch with Fellow Trainees

Just because you’re receiving instruction by yourself, it does not mean you should avoid interacting with your fellow students — before, after or between sessions. In fact, keeping connected can reduce the stress associated with learning, help you better understand the material, and fuel your motivation.

Reach Out for Help

When you are learning remotely, it helps to remember you still can access trainers and managers for training support. If you find some aspect of training particularly challenging, set up a time to meet one-on-one with your instructor.

Good trainers are well-versed in what they are teaching, and at this point, they should be adapted to online instruction. Although, some may not be. Some trainers may be dealing with obstacles as they continue to adapt to a different way of educating workers. In either case, both trainers and managers are in a position to help you. Never be timid about getting in touch for support if you want it.

Go Easy on Yourself and Stay Positive

If you’re a novice to online instruction, it is essential that you allow yourself time to learn how to learn. It’s also important to give yourself permission to fail. You might need a few tries to connect to a video chatroom, or you might have trouble with screen sharing. This is certainly standard as anyone adjusts to new routines. Allow yourself the liberty to falter on the way, remain positive and make adjustments when you wander astray.

It’s crucial to remember that online training isn’t a “forever thing.” Celebrate victories large and small, contribute where possible, and stay focused.

We Can Help You Navigate the Career-Related Complexities of COVID-19

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