Successful companies make employee communications a top priority. They realize that engaged personnel is critical to organizational success. Employees tend to engage when they understand their role, key company principles, and the latest developments related to their job.

Productive employee communication supports alignment between management and staff members. When a company communicates effectively, it can help workers to feel valued and part of a shared purpose. This leads to workers who are happier, very productive, and engaged in the success of the company.

Below are a few tips on how to effectively communicate with your employees.

Prioritize Transparency

Gone are the days of employees being on a need-to-know basis. If your company is treating information as a privilege, you’re not communicating effectively and probably damaging your overall productivity. You’re also probably alienating Millennial employees, who expect a high level of transparency from their employer.

Given the realities of COVID-19 and social distancing requirements, transparency is more important than ever. Make sure your employees are constantly being kept in the loop when it comes to COVID safety guidelines, business impacts, staffing levels, remote work expectations, and other details.

Regular One-on-Ones

According to Harvard Business Review research, staff members who have double the number of one-on-one meetings with their manager compared to their peers are 67 percent less likely to disengage from their responsibilities.

Successful supervisors use one-on-one meetings to get to better understand their staff members personally and professionally. They press for employees’ ideas to enhance the company and seek to understand employees’ personal aspirations. One-on-one meetings are also an opportunity to recognize contributions and connect their work with organizational goals.

Monthly Town Halls

Holding regular, company-wide town hall meetings with staff members indicates management’s dedication to strong employee communication.

While COVID has made this type of meeting difficult, large gatherings help workers better understand and engage with the company’s latest developments and objectives. Effective town hall meetings offer space and time for questions and updates from employees. They should be a part of two-way communication across the company.

When businesses have offices in a number of different locations, it adds a layer of difficulty to holding these meetings. For these businesses, video conferencing can help disparate staff members stay engaged with their peers and with company leadership.

Executive Face Time

To remain in touch with the frontline worker experience, executives ought to frequently meet with different employees each month or quarter.

Executives can learn directly about difficulties and positive results, along with suggestions for improvement. These sessions also help to develop personal connections that last long after these conversations end. Furthermore, employees are likely to share their experiences the next time they go back to work.

We Support All of Our Clients’ Engagement Efforts

At Career Concepts, we fully back our clients’ engagement of their permanent, temporary, and contract staff. Please contact us today to find out how we can successfully partner with your company.

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