Reentering the workforce is a struggle regardless of why you left, even if that reason is a global pandemic.

A job search right now is even more difficult than usual, not only due to COVID-19, but also the economic impacts and a bias against individuals who have a gap in their employment history. Your reentry can also be made more difficult by personal anxieties or pressure to stay home and simply wait out the entire situation.

You may find yourself in a situation where hunkering down and waiting for the pandemic to end just isn’t an option. If you’re looking to get back into the workforce ASAP, consider the following tips.

Take Care of Yourself

First and foremost, there is still an on-going pandemic, and it’s important to follow all health guidelines during your job search. In addition to maintaining social distance, regularly washing your hands, avoiding enclosed spaces, and wearing a mask when you can’t social distance, you should also make an effort to get enough sleep, eat nutritious food and avoid drinking too much alcohol.
Getting regular exercise is more important than ever right now. Staying in shape helps if you get sick and it can also help alleviate the stress that always comes with a job search.

Consider the Economy

The hospitality, entertainment, airline, and other industries have been experiencing massive layoffs. Also, companies that count on large events and public gatherings are also scaling back or even closing their doors.
Even though unemployment is fairly high, and many companies are in a hiring freeze, e-commerce, logistics, and other kinds of companies are seeing a historic boom in demand.

While vaccines are expected to significantly improve the situation throughout 2021, if you’re currently unemployed or laid off, you should consider the economic impact of COVID-19 and target your search accordingly.

Upgrade Your Skills

If you’re able to, start beefing up your resume, ideally before you begin trying to find a new job. Learning online is more accessible than ever right now, and in this respect, the pandemic has actually made upgrading your skills easier than ever.

Get to Work on Your Resume

Even if you haven’t upgraded your skills, there’s never a bad time to hit the refresh button on your resume. Make sure your resume highlights all of your biggest on-the-job and big picture career achievements. If you developed a process improvement that saved your employer thousands of dollars, don’t keep it a secret.

Also, don’t keep your resume a secret. Make sure it can be found easily by uploading it to LinkedIn and various job sites. If you haven’t been on a job site in a while, you should know that the search functions on these sites have been significantly upgraded. For both job seekers and employers, searches no longer yield hundreds of mediocre options, but rather a handful of very precise, well-tailored results.

We Can Help You Get Back to Work

At Career Concepts, we have years of experience helping folks get back to work. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you during these unprecedented times.

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