While it is essential to have certain technical skills for most jobs, not having the exact amount of experience asked for in a job posting doesn’t stop many candidates from getting to the interview stage.   

Although it’s a standard problem, especially for recent graduates or people changing careers, the very idea of being ‘found out’ in an interview for being underqualified is enough to stress out experienced job seekers.  

Fortunately, there are multiple effective strategies for walking into an interview without the requested level of experience. Consider the following ways to get over a lack of work experience when it comes to the job interview.  

Remember – You’ve Made It This Far  

If you’ve managed to get all the way to the interview stage, a so-called lack of experience probably isn’t as big a deal as you might think it is, as your interviewer likely has a good sense of your shortcomings in this area.  

If you are concerned about how you’ll stack up against more experienced applicants, it helps to remember: The company has dedicated valuable time to learn more about you. Taking the time to recall this should be a big confidence boost, and it helps to think of this any time you’re feeling inadequate during the process.  

In this situation, getting a job offer isn’t impossible or even unlikely. The first step toward making that happen is to believe in yourself and be prepared to tackle the interview head-on.  

Know Your Unique Value  

It is critical to be capable of addressing questions regarding your experience. This can be done by seriously examining the requirements of the position. Drill down on the various qualifications and create a list of the most important aspects. Then, list the ways you can meet the qualifications using your skillset, placing the most emphasis on any unique abilities.   

Be sure to think outside the box. Make use of any volunteering or other activities that might be relevant.  

Avoid Cliches  

Hiring managers often interview candidates who lack experience here and there, and they hear a lot of people try to compensate. If you think you can address a lack of experience by saying you’re a “fast learner” or “hard worker,” – think again.  

Instead of using cliches, trust that you deserve to be there and lean on your preparation. Stay positive and connect your unique value to the job qualifications as best you can.  

Keep It Real  

Also, avoid exaggerating or outright lying about your skills. Even if stretching the truth ends up getting you the job, most companies will fire you on the spot if they find out you were deceptive during the hiring process.  

We Can Help You Stretch Your Career to the Next Level  

You may (or may not) be surprised to learn that many people apply to jobs without being 100 percent qualified. If you’re looking to stretch yourself and reach for a better job, consider contacting Career Concepts today to find out how we can help.   

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