Maybe it’s because you’re starting to feel stagnant, or maybe it’s because of, you know, the effects of a global pandemic, but 2021 just might be the year you hit the reset button on your career. If you’re hoping for a fresh start to your career in the new year, you’ve come to the right place. Consider the following tips below.

Think About Aspects of Past Job That You Actually Liked

When you’re engrossed in your work, the days fly by, and you actually look forward to taking on various responsibilities. This is a good thing. If you are looking to make a career shift, it helps figure out which bits of past jobs you enjoyed the most. If you’re lucky, you may find that some tasks you enjoyed were ones that your coworkers or boss disliked doing.

Next, jot down job-related stuff that stressed you out in the past. Highlight those you actually have control over and put a line through the things you don’t control.

Once you have identified what you like, things don’t like, and the things you have control over, write down a few words that outline who you are and where you’d prefer to go professionally. Spend some time refining your statement so it can be a guiding light for what you’d like to do or who you would like to be.

See the Steps

A career statement is about the big picture, but it’s even more important to focus on the small steps that are necessary to realize your vision. Identify small but critical goals like joining a professional organization or making a new contact. Focus on quantifiable steps you can reasonably accomplish.

Learn from Successful Other People

Of all the people you know — who office seems to really enjoy their work? Identify these fortunate people and think about the things you might learn from them. People who like what they do give off a positive energy that can be infectious. Let that spirit inspire you.

Learn Through Networking

People tend to think of networking as a transactional activity, but talking to other people in a professional capacity can also be educational. If you’re employed, your coworkers can appreciate your current career situation. Take the time to talk to them and develop stronger relationships. You’ll benefit personally and professionally.

Eliminate Personal Waste and Inefficiency

Time is the most precious resource in life, and the last thing you want to do is fritter away your time with wasteful habits. Go over your daily and weekly schedule. Look for areas where you can trim waste or kill two birds with one stone.
When you eliminate the drains on your time, resetting your career will be a lot easier.

We Can Help You Get a Fresh Start

At Career Concepts, we often work with individuals looking to hit the reset button on their careers. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you make a transition.


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