Due to layoffs or staffing cutbacks, many people are unfortunately finding themselves experiencing a long period of unemployment.  

Of course, you should be spending some time looking through various job boards for postings. That being said, there are many more opportunities for advancing your career prospects than just looking at job boards. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, there are a number of things you can do every day that can help your career.  

Volunteer Work  

Every employment expert will advise you on the importance of volunteering while unemployed. Volunteer work can be used to close the current employment gap in your resume, and it also looks great. Volunteering is also a great way to support a cause that is close to your heart, keep your mind occupied, connect with others, and deepen your appreciation for the things you do have.  

Look for Freelancing Opportunities  

Freelancing has been facilitated by various internet platforms that function as labor marketplaces, usually for project-based work. There are numerous benefits to freelancing, including schedule flexibility, an opportunity to pick what you want to work on, and a chance to develop a personal brand. Since a freelance career generally starts out small, you can build momentum with easy, albeit low-paying, gigs. Momentum is so important when the progress on a full-time job seems to be stalling.  

Exercise Regularly  

Productivity during unemployment should just be about beefing up your resume and filling out applications. Getting into shape or staying fit can give you a valuable mental boost that will carry over to your job search efforts.  

Whether you walk, run, do yoga, or lift weights, exercise will give you something else to focus on, which can also give you a mental boost.  


Unemployment can be a very isolating situation. If you left a lot of close friends at your last job, reach out to former co-workers you trust and with whom you want to remain friends.  

You should also double your efforts to connect with your professional network. Not only can people in your network offer moral support, they can also help move your job search forward. LinkedIn is a great tool for getting in touch with professionals who you’ve associated with previously.  

Make a Schedule  

The worst thing you can do is treat unemployment like a holiday. Five days a week or so, you should be focused on being productive and taking a step to advance your career.  

Start by adding some structure to your days and weeks. Making a schedule can be motivational and help you get results. While you don’t need to schedule a full 40 hours a week, you should plan out three to six hours each day for activities such as searching job boards, networking, and reading the latest news on your industry. Decide your actions for each day and block out the time to get each one done. Then, most importantly, stick to your schedule.  

We Can Help You Get Through a Bout of Unemployment  

At Career Concepts, we work with unemployed folks every day, and we deeply understand the many challenges they face. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you get through this difficult time. 


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