More and more research is showing that sitting for prolonged periods isn’t good for your health. If your job involves sitting at a computer, you should make every effort to get up occasionally and get your blood flowing.  

One of the best ways to get in a bit of exercise is by doing a little yoga at your desk. Doing yoga in your work cubicle might sound a bit ridiculous, but now that many people are working from home, desk yoga in the middle of the day suddenly feels a lot less embarrassing.  

Below are five quick steps to achieving workday Zen through desk yoga.  

1) Mindful Breathing  

Research has revealed that mindfulness meditation, focusing on being in the moment, has a positive influence on the areas of our brain connected with attention and working memory.  

Practice a bit of mindfulness by sitting comfortably at your desk with your feet on the floor. Place your hands in your lap, palms up. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Take long, deep breaths: inhaling for 5 seconds and exhaling for 7 seconds. After you’ve established a rhythm, complete 10 full cycles.  

2) Stretch Your Hips  

To overcome the negative effects of sitting, you should get up every 20 to 30 minutes. Stretching your hips during these little breaks can make them even more refreshing.  

Using your chair or desk for balance, transfer all of your weight to your left leg. Then raise your right foot and place it on your left thigh to create a figure-four position. Hold this for five long breaths, then repeat this with the other leg.  

3) Warrior One  

A basic yoga stretch like Warrior One can do wonders for your sitting muscles. Rest your left hand atop the back of your chair. Step one foot back to create a lunge position. Bend your front knee and keep your back leg straight. Breathe in as you lift your leading arm over your head. Breathe out.  

4) Stretch Your Legs  

Sitting for extended periods can constrain blood flow and result in circulatory problems. Getting up to stretch them can strengthen blood flow.  

While holding your chair for stability, put your left foot on the seat. Maintain square hips and point the toes on your left foot up. Breathe out and bend forward at your hips. Hold for three long breaths. Repeat with the other leg.  

5) Stop the Slouch  

It’s crucial to avoid slouching as much as possible. The most basic and effective approach to keep from slouching is to activate the muscles in your midback by stretching them. During slouching, these muscles are overridden by the muscles in your upper back, neck, and chest.   

Stretch your midback muscles with a simple seated reach-back twist. While seated, twist to your left and extend your arm behind you, palm facing up. Repeat to the other side.  

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