7 Tips to Have a More Positive Outlook on Work 

From productivity goals to dealing with conflict when something goes wrong, the stress of a typical workday can make it very difficult to stay positive. 

People who are able to stay positive have developed effective strategies for coping with workday stress. Below are a few quick tips you can use to stay positive in the face of on-the-job adversity. 

1. Associate with Positive People 

If you’re constantly associating with negative individuals who whine about everything, you’re setting yourself up to complain just like them. Instead of associating with negative people, connect with others who don’t default to complaining, are open to new ideas, and are curious about things outside of work. 

You usually can’t choose your co-workers, but you can choose who you associate with at work. If you’re caught in a web of effective but negative co-workers, take regular breaks and go for walks as opposed to wallowing in watercooler drama and gossip. 

2. Have a Routine 

Routines provide essential structure to a productive workday. For instance, a morning work routine can help you get started if you had a rough commute. 

Develop a routine keeps you on-task. A good routine includes well-timed breaks and scheduling different types of work for different parts of your shift. For instance, some people find that repetitive tasks are best tackled at the start of a shift, and creative tasks are best left for the end. 

3. Be Kind 

Research has shown doing something nice for someone else not only makes you feel happy; it also increases the chance you’ll want to be kind again. If you make kindness a habit, it’ll spur a cycle of positivity that makes you and those around you feel good. 

4. Focus on Positivity Coming from Within 

When we start to rely too much on other people’s approval, it can be very difficult to stay positive in the face of adversity. Whether you have a personal mantra that keeps you confident or a mindfulness technique that helps you stay in the moment, try to focus on building positivity from within – as opposed to relying on positivity coming from someone else. 

5. Always Have Something to Look Forward To 

One of the underrated parts of taking a great vacation trip is the anticipation that leads up to it. Whether it’s a date night or a weekly softball game, try to have things large and small that you can look forward to doing. 

6. Focus on Solutions, Not Blame 

It’s a cliché, but when you focus on solutions instead of finger-pointing, you stop fighting with other people and start working together with them, which makes for a much more positive situation. 

7. Have Short-Term Career Goals 

Having very attainable, short-term career goals not only helps when it comes to prosperity, but it also helps you feel upbeat and confident when you achieve an objective, which can give you a jolt of positivity.  

We Can Help You Find a More Positive Job Situation  

If you think something about your job situation is making it difficult to stay positive, please contact Career Concepts today to find out how we can help. 



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