As the saying goes, money talks, and an easy way to motivate your employees is to dangle the prospect of a generous raise in front of them.  

However, companies don’t have an unlimited supply of money for doling out raises and even more problematic – money actually isn’t the best employee motivator. Rather, they’re more driven by intrinsic motivators such as acknowledging hard work, being trusted with significant autonomy and opportunity for advancement.  

Speaking to our inner passions and impulses and intrinsic motivators are extremely effective and even better: They don’t cost a lot. If you are looking to further motivate your team without resorting to cash, below are a handful of suggestions. 

Give Them Autonomy and Flexibility 

We all want as much control as possible over our work and how we do it. Rather than being a hands-on boss, consider giving your staff members more opportunities to make their own choices. Employees could be given control of everything from workplace decor to which minor projects to tackle first. 

Also, flexible scheduling lets your staff members choose when and where they work. This helps them maintain a good work-life balance, as it enables them to meet childcare, family and other personal obligations. Remote working and schedule flexibility can ease your employees’ commute and allow them to work when they feel most productive. 

Acknowledge Specific Contributions 

If you’ve done a good job of hiring and retaining employees, formally acknowledging good work should come easy. Even a thank-you note, or public shout out can be enough to make the receiver feel inspired.   

The key is to acknowledge quantifiable achievements and those that can be seen in specific metrics. This could include sales, contracts won, customer retention, or greater efficiency. 

You can also give workers autonomy with regard to how they are rewarded for good work. Ask them what types of rewards they want to see using surveys, meetings or questions during individual reviews. 

Taking this feedback into consideration, develop clearly defined goals for each reward. Goals should be attainable and speak to the bottom line. 

Create a Sense of Community 

When you create a feeling of community, your workers feel personally connected to one another – and not only to the company. 

During the COVID pandemic, online methods should mostly be used, but “in normal times” this should be done through in-person interactions: office lunches, games and party to after reaching a big milestone. 

Support Career Development 

People can get caught in a rut when they do the same things week after week and year after year. People in a rut are less inspired and less motivated to do a good job. 

Always be on the lookout for ways to teach employees new abilities, especially those interest them. Cross-training and formal learning sessions are a basic approach to increasing motivation and job satisfaction. Development initiatives also increase the value and contributions of your employees. 

We Can Help You Keep Your Team Motivated 

At Career Concepts, we help our clients keep their workforce engaged through staffing services and solutions. Please contact us today to find out how we can support the success of your teams.  



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