To the average person, a job in general labor may not seem very appealing. However, many general labor jobs pay very well and include prospects for advancement. 

If you’ve been dismissive of general labor jobs in the past, you may want to give them a second look. Below are ten reasons why you should consider taking a general labor position. 

1) Gain Life Experience and Skills 

Getting a hands-on job, whether it’s operating machinery on a production floor or trimming hedges, can provide you with a wealth of useful experience and new skills. For example, if you get a job in landscaping, your experience and knowledge can be applied to your own house or neighborhood.   

After all, the best way to learn is by doing. 

2) Builds Character 

Working hard can also impact your self-esteem. According to mental health experts, mastering physical tasks helps to build self-reliance and confidence. A general labor job can also promote self-discipline and organization, which are critical to career success. 

3) A Better Night’s Sleep 

Some people have a difficult time sleeping at night if they don’t have some kind of physical exertion during the day. Hence, many people who work hard all day crash the second they get home. If you get a job in general labor, you won’t have to worry about being unable to fall asleep at night. 

4) High Job Satisfaction 

Perhaps surprisingly, surveys often find that construction workers report high levels of job satisfaction. Many general labor jobs pay well, and when you work hard for good pay — it can be very rewarding.  

5) Lower Risk of Weight Problems 

If you add up the number of hours you sit down in a typical week, you may be shocked. People who work a desk job sit for around 40 hours a week and maybe people go to a restaurant or home to eat dinner and do some more sitting, followed by a night of watching TV on the couch. 

When it comes to staying fit, moving is better than sitting. Jobs that involve lifting and working with heavy objects go even further in helping to keep excess weight away. 

6) Granular Learning 

We learn best through repetition. When you have to do the same set of tasks each week, it gives you the opportunity to really drill down on technique and insight. And while learning the best way to trim a hedge or wash dishes may seem trivial, it hones granular learning ability – which is useful in any future job. 

7Boots-On-the Ground Experience 

Many top corporate executives started as general labor workers. This formative experience allowed them to envision a company from the ground up and develop better solutions as a result. 

8) Sitting is the New Smoking 

People without weight issues might scoff at taking a general labor job as a way to stay fit, but being sedentary for long periods actually translates to a whole host of health issues. Research has started to show that sitting for long periods of time can actually be as bad for your health as smoking.   

Hence, standing for an 8-hour shift each workday is much better than sitting for 8 hours. 

9) Better Physical Coordination 

Most general labor jobs require hand-eye coordination. If you don’t have great coordination, you will have to spend a few months working in general labor. 

10) Lower Stress 

When you perform physical labor, it releases endorphins, which lower stress.  

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