Trying to get a job offer by starting out as a temporary worker isn’t the ideal situationbut itstill a great opportunity to get the job you want. 

Below are ten tips for maximizing your chances of converting a temporary position into a full-time permanent job. 

1) Be Totally Reliable 

If you’re in a temp-to-hire situation and you’re not a reliable employee, you’re basically just running out the clock on a temp assignment. First and foremost, you need to do a good job, day-in and day-out. 

2) Find Out the Possibility of a Full-Time Job 

It’s always a good idea to get a sense of the company’s practice of hiring temps before accepting a temporary positionIf there is a possibility of full-time employment, learn what it takes to get the job. 

3) Show Some Enthusiasm  

Always demonstrate dedication and enthusiasm for the job. Steer clear of thinking you’re just a temp. Remember: Your abilities are valued by the company and the people there want you to do great work. When you feel like a valued contributor, it can shift your whole perspective in a positive way. 

4) Really Get into the Job  

If you genuinely want to optimize your odds of getting the job, you’ve got to do more than be reliable. You should show that you understand the reasoning behind various practices and how your work fits into the bigger picture. 

5) Be Distinct  

Making use of your distinctive talents or doing something in a new, effective way will get you noticed in the best way possible 

6) Show a Progression 

Regardless of what your job is, you have to keep growing in value, whether that’s by way of established metrics or by expanding your network of influence. When it’s time for a decision on your status with the company, you should be able to show growth and why you’ll keep being an important asset to the team. 

7) Learn the Organization 

Study this company you are doing work for and seek to understand its history, influence, office culture and mission. Pay attention to your surroundings, including how employees interact 

8) Add a Fresh Perspective  

Since you are new to the position and have most likely done comparable work somewhere else, you may see different approaches to doing things that seem more efficient. When the opportunity presents itself, share your insight. Doing this shows initiative and makes the case for hiring you full-time. 

9) Make Connections 

Make sure you introduce yourself to others, not just those on your team. Develop relationships with coworkers so they can understand you and how you work, even if you’re there for just a short time.  

10) Practice Good Communication  

Maintain the lines of communication so you can give status updates, respond to questions and ask questions as needed. Always ask questions if you’re uncertain about what is expected of you. 

We Can Connect You to All Kinds of Job Opportunities 

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