Creating a safe environment for employees isn’t just about avoiding injury and illness, although those are two good reasons to do so. 

Prioritizing safety shows your employees that their employer cares about them and their well-being. This can lead to high employee morale, greater productivity and a stronger brand. 

A light industrial environment provides its own unique safety challenges. Below are a few tips on how to overcome those challenges and create a safe environment. 

Perform Regular Inspections 

Develop and maintain an audit process for the entire business. Each supervisor should be able to use the audit to go through their respective departments and locate hazards.  

Periodically, the audit system should be reviewed to include information from injuries, illnesses and near misses so any necessary corrective action can be taken. Managers should also be encouraging suggestions for safety improvements within their respective departments. When the root causes of hazards are addressed, it leads to a safer work environment. 

Address Slip, Trip and Fall Hazards 

As common source of on-the-job injuries, slip, trip and fall hazards must be addressed. Make certain that walkways are kept clear and spills are quickly cleaned up. If liquids are commonly used, make sure spill guards are in place. In areas that cannot readily be cleaned, think about installing anti-slip measures. 

Also, check your work areas to ensure there are no gaps, loose flooring or nails that could potentially cause accidents. If any of these hazards are present, fix or replace the flooring. 

Engage Employees 

When your staff members feel like their input is valued, they are more likely to buy into an initiative. Therefore, it is important to give staff members the chance to provide input with regular safety meetings. 

Workers ought to be included in the safety management system. For instance, an employee safety committee can help with safety campaigns and acts as the connective tissue between front-line workers and management. Those staff members can help in engaging other employees in safety initiatives. 

Make Safety Part of Your Culture 

A safe workplace shouldn’t be built solely on safety equipment and training sessions. The safest workplaces embrace a culture of safety where workers feel comfortable telling supervisors about safety concerns and offering suggestions for improvement. 

Make sure your staff members realize that raising safety concerns is an activity protected by OSHA. Never reprimand or ostracize employees for calling attention to potential safety issues. When a company embraces this principle in their overall culture, it leads to lower injury rates and higher employee loyalty. 

Invest in Safety Measures 

Small safety steps like adding non-slip adhesive strips on walkways and other precautions increase safety while giving staff members increased peace of mind. Investing in safety measures also provides tangible evidence that your company cares about the well-being of its workers. 

Let Us Support Your Safety Initiatives 

From reinforcing essential safety elements to hiring with an eye toward safety, we support our clients’ safety initiatives. Please contact Career Concepts today to find out how we can make your workplace safer. 


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