Because you don’t have to physically show up for the interview, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that remote interview is much easier than the in-person version. However, this is far from the truth.  

Remote interviews were already becoming increasingly common as companies expanded their remote workforce. The coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated the embrace of the remote job interview. Preparing for a remote interview is essential, just as it is for an in-person interview. Since you want to make the best impression, consider the following six strategies on how to succeed in a remote interview.   

1) Have a Proper Backdrop 

Preparing a space for your remote interview is one of the most important things you can do. If you’re interviewing for a position and there are toys strewn everywhereit’s not going to make the best impression. 

Make sure you have a great background for your interview. While a plain backdrop is the least you can dotry to have a backdrop that looks professional, such as a home office. 

2) Have a Professional Outfit 

Just as you would for an in-person interview camera, it’s important to dress professionally for amount interview. Because you will appear via webcam, the best strategy this to dress simply but professionally. You really can’t go wrong wearing dark colors and a professional business suit. 

3) Ensure the Interview Will Be Distraction Free 

We’ve all seen adorable viral videos of children walking in on news interviews where the subject is on a webcam from home. Having your toddler walk in on a remote job interview might be a great way to go viral, but it’s not ideal for landing a job offer. 

Make sure your interview site is free of noise and distractions. Make sure you have a backup location, with Wi-Fi, if your initial spot suddenly becomes loud and chaotic. 

4) Practice Your Video Presentation 

Because you’re not actually in the room with your interviewer, it can feel like a remote interview will be much easier from a performance perspective. However, unless you are used to speaking through a webcam, projecting a professional persona during a remote interview will be more difficult than it seems. 

In addition to the usual interview prepdedicate some prep time to perfecting your presentation via webcam. 

5) Do Your Homework 

As you would with an in-person interview, it is important to research the company, the job, and the industry before a remote job interview. 

6) Exude Passion, Not Arrogance 

This is good advice for in-person interviews, but it’s even more relevant for remote job interviews. Trying to project things like passion and sincerity is more difficult when you have to do it over an Internet connection and a webcam. Practice making sure you get your tone just right. 

We Can Help You Prepare for Any Kind of Job Interview 

At Career Concepts, we give job seekers the support and inside information they need to ace all kinds of job interviews. If you are currently looking for a career opportunity, please contact us today. 

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