As businesses shift to remote work and employees are increasingly being furloughed, you might think that nobody is hiring for the near future.  

Regardless of how the labor market situation pans out, career experts say it’s advisable to continue job search activities, albeit with a shift in approach. 

Businesses are changing the ways they do business. Some are looking at how to do business mostly online. Some companies like Amazon are hiring a great deal and some will be hiring soon. The individuals who continue to network, research, and gain skills will be in a better position than those who sit on their hands. 

Most HR departments and department managers are still figuring out the logistics and daily tasks associated with a remote workforce. Also, people involved in talent acquisition likely have their own personal concerns, like the health of elderly parents or how to manage young children while also homeschooling them. 

However, that doesn’t mean openings won’t increase in weeks or months. If a company maintains a strong level of revenue and people are still getting their products or services, then hiring personnel will move ahead on staffing job openings. 

Therefore, it isn’t completely pointless to carry on with your light industrial job search. Consider the following tips for finding a job right now. 

1) Consider Your Situation 

If you’re able to put your job search on hold, you may want to do so, since it might be challenging to get a hiring manager’s full attention at the moment. If you’re employed, consider how to make the best of your situation. If you’re unemployed, concentrate on short term needs. 

Although many industries have and will still be hit hard by shutdowns, some are still doing business. If you need a stopgap job, think about looking at delivery services or gig work that makes sense for you. 

2) Network Online 

Try to find professional groups to join on Facebook and LinkedIn. Both have a range of groups for just about every profession. Participate in discussions, be friendly, and make yourself visible. Try to keep the discussion professional and show your expertise when appropriate. 

3) Research Potential Employers 

The COVID-19 crisis can supply a distinctive glimpse into a company’s culture. Look at how companies in your industry are coping and how they treat their staff members. For example, you ought to find out if a business is letting staff members work remotely, supporting employees in creative ways, or laying off workers. 

4) Think Ahead 

People looking for work go into their search without thinking long term. Make use of the current situation slowing your roll and getting clarity on your long-term career goals. 

Write out your long-term target industry, employers, job titles, and anything else you’re that might be relevant to your career goals for the next five or so years. 

5) Grow Your Skillset 

This is the ideal time to work on beefing up your qualifications. Evaluate job descriptions and think about if you have abilities needed. Use that data to find out what you need to make yourself a more attractive candidate for that next job. 

Find Out How We Can Help 

If you’re looking for employment right now, you need a partner. Please contact Career Concepts today to find out how we can help you with this extraordinary situation. 

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