The World Economic Forum has officially identified emotional intelligence as a skill in the workplace. Defined as the intelligent use of emotions and ability to navigate changeemotional intelligence can help you handle uncertainty in your daily work life and in your career.  

With five generations currently in the workplace, emotional intelligence is more important today than ever. The youngest generations must not only be able to navigate generational differences with the oldest generations, they also have to deal with large emerging leadership gaps as the oldest generation retires. Furthermore, the technology of industry 4.0 has caused all kinds of disruptions that every generation in the workplace must deal with and embrace.  

Fortunately, anyone can improve their emotional intelligence as they move through life and gain experience. Below are a few deliberate ways in which you can improve your emotional intelligence and better handle uncertain situations. 

Research Your Field 

To recognize and address gaps in your emotional intelligence, research the various trends within your industry and identify any skills that will allow you to adapt, transition or grab an opportunity, whatever objective makes sense to you. For instance, you might see a rising need for project management skills like leadership and analytical thinking. 

Get Rid of Bad Habits 

Removing habits is more difficult than many people realize. As human beings, we have a tendency to double down on existing attitudes even when the facts tell us they’re broken. 

Emotions can drive some of your best or worst decisions, and emotional intelligence plays a main role in determining which choice you make. In a stress-filled situation, your adrenaline takes over, triggering fight-or-flight mode. The capability to manage this reaction a big part of emotional intelligence. 

One approach to getting rid of bad habits is to write down and review your goals. This can make you realize which habits are getting in the way of achieving your goals. It’s unpleasant to let go of habits because it can be seen as a failure. However, as soon as you get rid of a bad habit, you’ll realize that you’ve made space for a factor that makes more sense. 

Embrace the Unknown 

We all crave assurance. Our brains are pattern-making devices. If we anticipate that stuff won’t alter, we’ll turn out to be irritated and defensive when they undoubtedly do in the modern workplace. 

Embrace the frame of mind that things are always changing. Embrace uncertainty and attempt to understand how to navigate it by recognizing patterns. Ask yourself, “What has changed?” and “Have I seen this before?”  

Analyze your environment, take stock of your assets and get creative. Going through this exercise will allow you to remain nimble through uncertainty. 

We Can Help You Improve Your Skills 

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