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As any fan of a struggling sports team will tell you, it’s not enough to just get talented people into your organization; you also have to create an environment that allows them to excel.

There’s a saying that good companies attract good people and repel bad people, while bad companies attract bad people and repel good people. Making the right hiring decision is extremely difficult, but it’s only half the battle. You could hire someone with years of experience and a slew of impressive credentials. Still, if they step into an organization that doesn’t make use of their abilities, their success will be limited, and they probably aren’t going to last very long.

If you think your company could improve its workplace environment, consider the following tips, and how to build a culture that enables top talent.

Identify and Eliminate Unnecessary Stress

One of the issues that many work environments have is a level of stress that is unnecessarily high for staff members. Stress can be brought on by poor communication, micromanaging, and interpersonal conflicts. It typically leads to suppressed quality, lower productivity, and higher rates of absenteeism.

Eliminating unnecessary stress means being part detective and part advocate. You should always be on the lookout for employee and company practices that cause more stress than they are worth. You also need to push for change to address bad policies and habits.

Look for Ways to Make Work Fun

The last thing any company should want is for employees to think their job is joyless. To combat this, there are countless little things you can do to add a bit of fun for staff members. Contests, free lunch, free break room snacks, and other little pick-me-ups can go quite a distance to making workers feel just a bit better during the workday.

Encourage Collaboration

People tend to be more productive in working together, partly because the responsibility and stress can be shared. Collaboration also provides staff members an opportunity to share ideas and bond with coworkers, rather than being stuck alone in a cubicle.

Prioritize Employee Development

Employees can sometimes feel like warm bodies, simply there to fill a position. Productivity suffers when staff members feel like human drones with little to no chance of advancement or career development.

Offering regular training sessions is one way to engage staff members through their desire for career development. Useful scheduled training sessions do not only help staff members remain engaged, but signals a willingness by the company to invest employees. They also help add value to the company as a whole. Employees will also be less likely to leave for a different job if they feel like staying with your company is the best way to get ahead professionally.

Hire the Right People with Career Concepts

When employees are overworked, they can have a caustic impact on the workplace environment. Let Career Concepts support the engagement of your employees by providing your company with custom-fit talent acquisition solutions. Contact us today!



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