How to Create Better Accountability on Your Team


Good employees perform even better when they are working in an environment that supports them, motivates them and inspires them.

It isn’t just the responsibility of those in leadership positions to create a good working environment. From the CEO all the way down to front-line employees, there are things people in a company can and should be doing to create a good environment. Below are a few tips on what anyone in a company can do to work towards an encouraging and supportive place of business.

Help to Create Good Surroundings

Perhaps it gets overlooked because it’s so obvious or because it feels like fussing over minor details, but many offices don’t have great physical environments. Too often, the lighting is bad, the appearance is ugly and there are little, if any, amenities.

Lighting plays a crucial role in employees’ performance and frame of mind. Research has revealed that natural light can enhance mood, energy, focus, and efficiency. If you can’t expose certain areas to natural light, full-spectrum and other specialty light bulbs can have the same effect.

Layout and housekeeping are also essential to creating a good workplace environment. If walkways are haphazardly laid out and piles of stuff are left on the floor, it can make for a frustrating workday experience. A good way to address both of these issues is to build consensus. Everyone has a stake in how their work environment is laid out and how it is kept clean; so everyone should be more than willing to offer suggestions. Asking for input from everybody also gives them a sense of ownership over layout and housekeeping outcomes.

Encourage Effective Communication

Everybody talks about good communication and everybody knows the importance of it, but too often poor communication strategies get in the way. Some companies have too many different modes of communication, such as email, phone, text message, Evernote, LinkedIn, and Slack. Others use email for issues that should be handled over the phone, or group text when Slack is more appropriate.

Whatever tools and strategies your company decides to use for communication, be sure that people are communicating effectively and always be on the lookout for more effective ways of communicating.

Call Out Toxic Behavior

Good employees are the foundation of a good workplace environment. If your company hires someone with a tendency for toxic behavior, creating a positive environment will be a very hard thing to do. In fact, hiring just one toxic person can undo many good hiring decisions, as toxic people have a tendency to toxify those around them.

Therefore, toxic behavior has to be called out and brought to the attention of company leadership. If leaders allow this behavior to flourish, that as a major red flag.

We Can Help You Find a Great Workplace Environment

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