are a company leader, re-evaluating your management style is a great way to do that.

It can get challenging to evaluate yourself because we all tend to have a self-serving bias that distorts the perception of ourselves. A common way to judge a leader is to look at their contributions to the growth and bottom line. However, these contributions aren’t always the entire story when it comes to someone’s performance as a leader.

Of course, if there are formal or informal metrics for leadership performance in your organization – you should review yours and possibly discuss your numbers with a trusted adviser. In addition to any hard metrics, you should also consider the less-quantifiable aspects of your management style. The shortlist below are things that every company leader should be concerned with when it comes to re-evaluating their style.

Employee Teamwork

Staff members who effectively work together are far more effective than a collection of individuals, mostly working in isolation from each other. If your staff members are disengaged from one another and clashing regularly, you have to re-evaluate your efforts to team building.

Don’t be a toxic manager who only cares about results. Males sure your staff members are getting along with one another and communicating effectively. A great leader works to engage their team members and form personal connections between them.

Employee Career Development

A strong leader is aware of the potential of each staff member and works to hone their abilities, so they can reach the goals they establish for themselves.

A great company leader tracks the progress of every person on their team and provides help to those who are not growing professionally. It is also important for a company leader to support both employees’ professional and personal goals.

Career development also involves employees gaining skills through training. A strong leader always sets aside time to provide training opportunities and knowledge to staff members. They reward team members to take sensible risks and stretch themselves in pursuit of career advancement.

When re-evaluating your leadership style, consider how many people have developed under your leadership and by how much.

Reputation as a Leader

Reputation is a very subjective thing, and a great deal of it is related to the kinds of people that you gravitate to and how you interact with others.

While part of it is out of your control, the most effective approach to reputation management as a leader it to assure your employees, through your words and actions, that you want to achieve shared success. When employees don’t feel like you treat everyone fairly or you don’t root for their success, you run the risk of gaining a bad reputation.

Also, you should be proactive when it comes to your reputation by engaging employees and showing how your actions benefit them. Don’t let others control your reputation for you.

We Can Make You a More Effective Manager

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