Americans are notorious for not using all their allotted paid vacation time.

There are many reasons why employees don’t use their paid time-off, but they are usually related to a perceived lack of job security or concerns about the impact an absence will have on their workload. Some employees may skip vacation because they are worried about not looking dedicated or appearing disposable if everything runs smoothly while they are away.

While a bit of insecurity is normal and completely healthy, feeling like you can’t take a vacation due to insecurity is a sign of a toxic work environment. Also, research shows vacations are actually good for business.

The following list of reasons should explain why you need to make sure your employees are using all their vacation time.


Americans love to romanticize the value of hard work, but study after study shows there’s a limit to how much hard work translates into productivity. At some point, working without a break starts to produce diminishing returns.

In addition to hitting the mental and physical reset button, vacations also help employees to come back with a fresh perspective, one that might help them solve problems or refine processes.

Better Organizational Health

An upbeat employee is a healthy employee, and that’s something any company should want. Regularly taking vacation time helps refresh the body and mind, offsetting any adverse health impacts of job-related stress. Healthy staff members a don’t require sick leave and can’t spread disease, both which can have a big impact on the bottom line. You would much rather have employees coming back to work from a recent trip than coming back from a bout of the flu.

Lower Turnover

Company culture is a hot topic in today’s workplace, as professionals try to find an employer that is supportive and co-workers with which they can get along. When employees are given the opportunity to take vacation time and encouraged to take it, it contributes to a vibrant, positive company culture.

Top employees will be less likely to look elsewhere for a more supportive and relaxed culture, keeping worker turnover down and saving on costs related to hiring and training new employees.

Employees Can Take It with Them

When employees with paid time-off leave a company, they typically are financially compensated for the unused time to which they were entitled. Given this reality, your company could actually be losing money, in terms of lost productivity and healthcare costs, and by paying for that time.

Career Concepts will Help with Filling Gaps When Employees are Out

We help our clients maintain staffing levels and productivity while their full-time employees take much needed time off. If staffing issues are keeping your team from fully taking advantage of their hard-earned time off, please contact us today.



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