If you’re like most people, you have a bit of anxiety when is comes to performance evaluations. A good way to deal with this anxiety is to get into the habit of evaluating your own performance.

Through a self-evaluation, you can figure out what you are doing well, as well as any shortcomings you need to address before an official performance review. Getting into the habit of self-evaluation and documenting your assessments also allows you to track your progress over time. This information can be quite useful when it comes time to update your resume or talk about your professional growth in a job interview.

The following questions can help you conduct a valuable self-evaluation:

How is My Attitude?

One of the first things employers look at when evaluating employees is their attitude. Admittedly, assessing attitude, especially your own, is a difficult thing to do. Taken together – punctuality, appearance, attendance and productivity reflect an attitude.

Am I Meeting Expectations?

If there is an official job description for your role, examine it and perform an honest appraisal based on that description. If there is no official job description, try to write your own expectations for the position. Then, rate yourself against those standards accordingly.

How Well Do I Manage My Time?

An important part of any self-evaluation should be determining how well you manage your time and discovering any time management issues you may have. Try to identify any wasteful activities in your workday and how to eliminate them, possibly through automation, getting assistance, or handing off these activities to someone else.

What Does My Boss Think?

Ask your boss if they are satisfied with your work and if there are suggestions as to how you can improve. At the end of the day, you need to satisfy your boss through your attitude and your work.

What Do My Co-Workers Think?

Although your performance at work shouldn’t be driven by a desire to please your co-workers, their opinion of you does matter, especially when it comes to things like working together as a team or effective communication.

Ask trusted co-workers what they think about your performance and how you could do a better job.

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