Newer employees tend to have confidence issues, but a lack of confidence can hit anyone after a major job setback.

If you’ve been turned down for a raise, or gotten significant criticism when you thought you were doing a great job, it can seriously shake your confidence. One of the worst things you can do in this situation is to stew in that lack of confidence. The sooner you address your feelings, the sooner you can get your career back on track.

Below are a few simple tips on how you can boost your confidence in the workplace.

Recall How You Got There

The company hired you because it believed in you, and you need to believe in yourself.

You also applied to get the job because you knew you were capable of doing it and it was a job that you wanted to do. Maybe you wanted the job because the work itself seemed exciting. Or perhaps you wanted the job because it seemed like a good stepping stone to the job you really have your eye on. Remembering your confidence and drive to apply can make you feel like you truly do belong in the job.

Find a Buddy

The same strategy for keeping kids safe is also effective in the workplace. When you find a work buddy you can trust, you form a spoken or unspoken agreement to look out for each other. Then, when you’re not feeling confident, you can turn to your work buddy for help and advice.

Pobody’s Nerfect

When you’re not feeling confident, you may compare yourself to other people and think that they are better for some reason, like they know more or work harder.

That is irrational thinking. Everybody has their flaws, as well as their own strengths, history and points of view. Thinking that everyone is better than you just isn’t productive. It only feed into a cycle of negativity.

The next time you are feeling a bit insecure, just recall that we’re all human and we all make mistakes.

Release the Tension

Your physical and mental states are tightly linked. If you’re feeling tense and anxious because you’re not feeling confident, it’s a good idea to release that tension. A regular workout regimen, yoga or even pursuing physical hobbies like biking can help you feel more confident by simply helping you to release some mental and physical tension.

Let Career Concepts Connect You to Great Opportunities

Some people find themselves lacking confidence because they are not in the right job. At Career Concepts, we specialize in connecting candidates to best-fit job opportunities. Please contact us today to find a job in which you can feel confident.



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