After spending the entire winter trudging back and forth to work, employees are prone to thinking about spending more time outside once the weather turns nice.

Company managers have the tough task of being understanding, while making sure that productivity doesn’t slip. If you’re in change of a team of employees, you need to let people shake off any cabin fever. The labor market is extremely tight right now and maintaining a supportive company culture is vital to having a strong employer brand.

With these issues in mind, consider the following tips on how to keep your staff focused on their assignments now that the weather is nice.

Support Employees Taking Time Off

Many companies have adopted the policy of giving employees unlimited vacation. This policy doesn’t result in everyone being gone all the time because (good) employees feel the need to show up and do good work.

Regardless of your company’s policy, you need to support the idea of your staff members taking their paid time off. If you’ve hired good people, you shouldn’t have to worry about them skipping out on their responsibilities.

Allow More Schedule Flexibility

If your company doesn’t allow significant schedule flexibility, springtime is a great time to try experimenting with it. Production schedules and customers can be demanding, but flexibility should be possible for most jobs. You simply need to figure out a way to work it in.

If your company already allows flexible schedules, encourage your employees to use their time to take advantage of the nice weather.

Have Fun With Objectives

Your employees want to loosen up after a long winter, and a good way to let them do that while maintaining productivity is to set fun goals. For instance, you could create a competition, or you could promise a fun party if you reach a team objective.

No one expects work to become all ‘fun and games’ once the weather turns nice but injecting a bit of fun lets your team know that you understand where their heads are at, and it’s the understanding that counts.

Hold A Social Event

Research shows employees who say they are happy are more productive. Therefore, investing in a social event to buck up sprits will produce tangible returns for your company.

Anything from a cook-out to volunteer work, to a happy hour can recharge employees and help them to reengage with their jobs.

Lead By Example

If you’re worried about your employees getting distracted by better weather, the worst thing you can do is to let the weather distract you. Employees naturally follow the lead of their boss. Therefore, you need to stay focused.

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