There comes a point in almost everyone’s career where they hit a brick wall. Maybe they’re frustrated by setbacks or they feel stagnant at their current job. When this happens, it’s common to reevaluate your career and figure out if there’s any point in continuing down this career track.

In this situation, a basic test is to determine if you’re “engaged” at your current job. If you’re not engaged, then you’re not at the right job, not with the right employer or both. Below are five ways to figure out if you’re in the right career.

1) Do you enjoy the work?

Lots of people are focused on chasing bigger and bigger paychecks. If job satisfaction is important to you, don’t be one of them. Instead, choose a career focus that leverages your interests and passions. We spend about one-third of our day at work, and decades of our lives in a career. Make sure you’re investing that time in subject matter that intrigues and excites you.

2) Do you feel confident?

When you’re feeling assured in your decision making and feel like you have the freedom to take sensible risks, you’re in a good place in your career. Employees tend to thrive when they’re asked to take chances, with the idea that risk taking will allow for personal professional growth or tangible business benefits.

3) Are you shaken by a bad day?

If you’re obsessed with what you’re doing, your career outlook won’t depend on a single bad day. While every job duty won’t be thrilling, mundane tasks are typically seen as a means to an end if you’re in it to win it. A long-term positive outlook makes it easier to absorb the occasional setback or disappointment.

4) Do you like the people around you?

Workplace survey regularly show that job satisfaction is tightly tied to the relationships we have with bosses and co-workers. If you genuinely like your boss and you co-workers but hate your job, you need to reassess your current career situation. On the other hand, if the people around you are making you miserable, a change of scenery might be the right move.

5) Are you looking to grow?

It’s only natural to advance and grow as a person, in both your personal and professional lives. If you’re not excited about the possibility of getting ahead in your career, not just getting a promotion and making more money, you need to reassess your current career track.

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