Whether you have been getting passed over for promotions, or there is limited opportunity for growth at your company, being in the same job for a long period of time can make you feel adrift in the middle of the ocean.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There are simple approaches that can help you get noticed and get promoted into positions of authority and responsibility. Consider the following advice on how to get promoted in the next three months.

Maintain an Upbeat Attitude

Much of your career success, regardless of how intelligent or skilled you are, is going to be determined by your frame of mind and how you are seen. Studies have revealed that a positive, upbeat person is more likely to be paid more and promoted faster than those not considered upbeat. This type of person tends to get more positive notice from superiors, who are in a position to support career success. Furthermore, a positive person is more likely to earn support from her or his peers. A positive person appears to enjoy positive upward pressure from those around them.

A big factor in maintaining a positive frame of mind is the ability to function under stress. It’s easy to be positive when things are going well. However, it is much more difficult in the face of difficulties and setbacks. During challenging times, you demonstrate to yourself and those around you what you are truly made of. Someone with a positive frame of mind looks for the good in every person and scenario, with a tendency to be constructive as opposed to destructive.

Fortunately, a positive frame of mind is something that you can learn through practice and daily effort.

Keep Up a Good Appearance

Some people are restricted in their career because they don’t appreciate how their appearance is related to their value.

A good rule is to always dress for success, both in your job and in your career. Also, model your actions after the top people in both your business and in your industry. Pattern your ‘personal brand’ after leaders, not followers.

Make Your Intentions Known

One of many most critical approached to getting ahead is to regularly ask for more responsibility. Volunteer for every task and let your supervisor know that you want more responsibility.

Some people do only what is asked of them. If you want a promotion, you must keep requesting more responsibility. Then, when you are given more responsibility, to handle it swiftly and effectively. You want to develop a reputation for getting things done fast and correct, which is the sort of reputation that will quickly earn you a promotion.

Are You Ready For a New Career?

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