Looking for a job you love can be like dating: After a good first impression, you might end up in a great situation, or you might find yourself in stuck in a toxic relationship.

It’s important to have a job that you love, both for right now and for down the road. Sometimes, that might mean taking a ‘stepping stone’ position or an opportunity with long-term prospects. Regardless of the type of job, if it’s the wrong job, you’ll end up having find a new job all over again.

Because job searching takes a lot of time and being in a bad job is horrible, here are three suggestions to help you make sure the next job you have is one you’ll love:

1) Keep an open mind

Being open-minded shouldn’t just apply to your relationships. Even if you have an obvious path for your career, you should still be interested in possibilities that may or may not be immediately obvious. When you keep an open mind and uncover new career interests, those interests can spark new motivations and possibly separate you from the pack. Pursuing new interests can unlock more of who you are as a person and unleash inner abilities you may not have known you had.

When you keep an open mind, career possibilities that did not seem practical or that even seemed frivolous can become realistic.

2) Don’t focus on money

If you’re looking to spend your career doing work you love, you should start by treating excess income as secondary. If status and money are your principal criteria for a job, you instantly restrict your options. Conversely, if you keep a more open mind, you are more likely to discover fulfilling work, and gradually be able to earn a big paycheck on your own terms.

3) Jobs opportunities are two-way streets

It’s important for you to treat the application process as a two-way street. Have a set of questions for your interviewer that will help you determine if this truly is the opportunity you want. Find out if the company culture is right for you. For instance, if you need a lot of structure, ask about processes and problem-solving methods. Also, make it a point meet your potential supervisor and co-workers.

Whether you’re in the application process or already in the position, if something about the situation isn’t working out, you have to get out as soon as possible. Some people hate their jobs and realize that they should do something, but they stay because they haven’t figured out their next move. Not only does inaction make your career stagnant, but you won’t learn anything or make progress.

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