Regardless of how good you might be at your job, there’s always room for improvement, and the New Year is a great time to become a better manager.

When you take steps to become a more valuable manager, it also has a positive and lasting impact for your staff members. Therefore, think about adopting one or more of the following suggestions on how to become a better manager:

Become a better listener

Many of supervisors are focused on talking to their staff members, regularly providing them direction and feedback. However, talking too much and not listening enough can lead to bad results.

Get in the habit of ‘active listening’ by truly paying attention to what your staff members have to say. Don’t interrupt them and when they are done speaking, go over key points in your own words to ensure you comprehend what was said. Active listening shows you are truly paying attention and giving workers an opportunity to provide input.

Trust and delegate

Many supervisors load themselves up with responsibilities and projects that someone else could do, often because the work is simple or because the manager doesn’t trust others to do it. Refusing to sufficiently delegate can result in not being available for bigger and more important work.

In 2019, focus on spending time in the areas where you’re better positioned than your employees. The result will be a much greater pay-off for both you and your team.

Weed out waste

There are many ways you and your employees could spend time and resources, a lot of them quite worthy. However, some investments have more of an impact than others, and those are the ones you should focus on.

Ineffective supervisors tend to say yes to just about everything. Effective supervisors are thorough about only taking on work that is an efficient way to spend time and resources.

Recognition employee contributions large and small

Everybody has a personal desire to feel valued. The important thing for managers is finding out what each employee wants to be appreciated for. Some employees most want to be know as hard workers, while others want to be known for developing creative solutions to pesky problems.

Staff members that feel valued are engaged and will be more motivated to provide the sort of results you want to see.

Support employee growth

Offering opportunities that allow for employee growth can be highly motivating because employees feel valued and trusted when given more prominent responsibilities. Allowing employees to grow also helps to empower the entire team and boost overall confidence.

You can provide growth opportunities by coming up with a list of tasks or you can ask your staff members to come up with ideas. Be sure to have them let you know if any given responsibility is too much. You want to grow your employees, not burn them out.

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