‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions and Goals for the Year. Have you made yours yet?

If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Even if you have, setting goals should be just the start of your process, especially if your goals are career-related. To achieve major career objectives in 2019, take control over how you spend your time and dedicate it toward those goals.

Consider the following ways you can take charge in 2019 and reach you big career objectives.

1) Prioritize goals you are passionate about

If you know that you’ve been setting goals but haven’t had the internal drive to achieve them, the issue may not be one of not motivation. More likely, the issue is a lack of alignment between your passions and the goals you’ve identified.

Superficial goals, like taking a vacation to a tropical beach, are goals you think you ought to be chasing. However, the drive to reach these goals doesn’t come from real passion.

When you set objectives that are aligned with your passions, your internal drive can kick in and push you through any adversity that appears along the way. For example, if you’ve always wanted to be your own boss, you’ll be much more likely to start your own business and make it work.

2) Find an ‘accountability partner’

If you set desired goals and do not share them with anyone else, there’s no social pressure to achieve them as you will be the only one who knew what you are trying to achieve. In this situation, letting yourself down is the only real psychological pressure.

An accountability system links your objectives to someone else or a group of people who will actively or passively hold you accountable. Research has revealed that if you share goals with your accountability partner, along with your progress in the direction of those goals, that by itself will subconsciously drive you to want to follow through.

3) Expect adversity

You will face opposition and obstacles on the road to your achieving your goal. If you are not prepared for adversity,you will stop your progress altogether, or even quit, at the first sign of a problem.

Before you start down the road to your goal, mentally prepare yourself to face adversity. Research the likely roadblocks you’ll face and develop ways to overcome them. Writing out these contingency plans not only helps you overcome obstacles, they can also help you feel more confident moving forward.

4) Track progress

Goals that are established and put away to gather dust are typically forgotten and never achieved. You have to keep touch with your goals and your progress on a regular basis. Write out a step-by-step plan for what you want to get done and how you want to achieve each step. Schedule regular check-ins on your plan and track your progress. Identify where you are falling behind and figure out why. Tweak your tactics as needed and celebrate each milestone.

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