Congratulations! Your resume was selected because the hiring manager was impressed with your skill set! You set up an interview time and you know exactly when you are taking the next step on your path to a new job. Interviews can be stressful but don’t worry – you got this!

Of course, it helps to have a good checklist. Read our expert advice on how to show up to your job interview prepared and ready to impress.

Make a list of potential questions (and answers)

First, dig up as much information as possible on the business and dedicate as much to memory as you can. If the position you’re seeking calls for knowledge in a particular industry, do in-depth research on that industry. Get in touch with people who worked in comparable businesses and jobs to the one you are interviewing for and ask them about their experience. Search the internet for common interview questions for the open position and their answers.

For each part of the position description, come up with your relevant abilities and experiences, and think about how you want to mention them. If there’s a high-value skill or experience you don’t have, be capable of talking about how you’re going to learn it.

Then, write a set of questions as if you were doing the hiring for the job. Get to know these questions and their answers backwards and forwards so if you’re asked them during the interview, you’ll be more than prepared.

Practice interview sessions

After writing out your questions and responses, practice saying your answers out loud. Even if you can’t recall your precise wording, you can fall back on essential points and phrases. Finally, write four or five questions that you have for the interviewer so when they say, “do you have any questions for me?” you’ll be prepared and it will be impressive.

Try to find a practice interviewer who will challenge you and ask you questions you may or may not have rehearsed. These “mock” job interviews will help you be more relaxed and natural when it comes to the real thing.

Day-before prep

It’s crucial to be rested and feeling good on the day. Before laying down for a good night’s sleep, visualize yourself acing the interview. Eat a healthy meal and exercise to get rid of any nervous energy. If you are at risk of anxiety, try breathing solutions or meditation leading up to the interview.

Pick out an outfit that is classic-looking and professional. If you’re uncertain on what kind of clothes to wear, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your interviewer and ask. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it fits well and you feel confident in it.

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