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One of the more frustrating parts of job searching is not hearing back from a recruiter after your send in an application.

Applying to a job typically requires writing a custom resume and cover letter. It can also include having to fill out an online form. When you don’t hear anything back, it feels like all that time and energy went to waste.

You shouldn’t expect to get a response from every single application you send in, but if you’re starting to notice a pattern, you probably need to change up your tactics. Consider the following steps if recruiter after recruiter isn’t getting back to you.

Keep going

It’s crucial you carry on looking and applying for jobs. Fortunately, the current job market heavily favors the job seeker. An effective way to keep yourself on track is to set weekly goals for yourself, including a set number of applications to submit. Staying focusing on these goals can help alleviate any negative feelings and sustain a daily routine.

Another positive step is to get involved in your community or industry through activities such as attending networking events or doing volunteer work.

Sign up for job alerts

Trying to find a new job is a full-time job, and like any other job, you can be more efficient through automation. Signing up for job alerts on popular job websites like Monster and Indeed is a fast and easy way to automate part of your job search.

When you set up a job alert, you specify what kinds of jobs and what keywords you would like to be notified about. Then, when a new job posts that matches your criteria, an email alert is sent to your inbox.

Consider key skills and keywords

Most hiring personnel today use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software that permits automated sorting of applications according to keywords, including abilities, years of experience, degree or schools attended. Many applications are outright dismissed by an ATS if for not meeting criteria.

Because of the widespread use of ATS software, always think about whether you have the credentials a job description is calling for before you apply. You are not going to get past automated systems, or hiring personnel for that matter, without the necessary qualifications.

Grow your network

Many people find a new job through people they know. Maybe a friend tips them off to a job opening before it goes public or an old colleague with a potential employer puts in a good word. If you’re not hearing back on a lot of your applications, it’s possible you’re getting beaten out by other candidates with an inside track. By networking, you’re increasing the chances that you can get one of those inside tracks.

At Career Concepts, we’re always looking to help people who are getting frustrated with their job search process. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you.


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